should i help my dad work or go to b-ball game

Tomorrow is a Saturday. I am a HUGE HUGE Mets Fan, and my grandpa got me $100 front row seat ticket to citi field. I only went to Shea stadium never citi field. I watch baseball every night. My grandpa is 91 and he knows im a huge mets fan, This might be my last chance of spending time with him before... you know. But I told my dad I was going to help him work at his store because on of his worker is sick, so he has to work alone which he cant. And my family is have financial issues, i cant even afford to buy myself a baseball bat and mitt. DONT KNOW WHO I SHOULD GO WITH.... an I have to go early in the morning with my dad or early in the morning with my grandpa (driving there takes hours) HELP THANKS FOR READING AND UNDERSTANDING
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    Go with your grandpa you cant blame yourself for your family financial issues its your dad responcibility to take care of that your a kid you should be enjoying life.
  2. Absolutely! go to the game.
  3. To the game!
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