Akasa Reveals Venom IV CPU Heatsink

Akasa is demonstrating a new CPU cooler at Computex 2013.

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  1. This actually looks pretty awesome.
  2. hard to imagine heatsinks getting any better design... it looks like companies are just swinging blindly, and hit some homers by chance.. do they have engineers to design these or what?
    im not criticizing this one particularly, but is putting the heatpipes int he way of the airflow smart? what happens to all that surface area behind those pipes? and why dont more companies put heatsinks above the base plate? why aren't more fins notches to increase surface area? where are the mirror like base surfaces? why haven't any company tried to make one giant heatpipe as the base, and make it split into many to have a flat base and avoid soldering the pipes to a base or having those pesky HDT bases with all those grooves?
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