Amd Phenom II x4 965 OC

after oc my cpu above 3.7ghz the frequency is always high even with amd cool n quiet on.I only change the multiplier to works by chaning the FSB but i want to do it via multiplier.

PC Specs:
Phenom x4 965 oc 3.7ghz
Gigabyte gtx 650ti 2gb
Kingston hyperx blu 8gb ddr3-1333 oc to 1600mhz
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  1. If you have a 965BE (Black Edition) multiplier is unlocked and you can follow the sticky at the top of the forum that guides you thru

    If you have a regular 965, frequency is your only adjust. Core frequency x multiplier = cpu speed. So 200x10 = 100x20. No difference how you approach. If you wanted to do it by multiplier only, should have got a black edition
  2. Finally i found a solution called K10stat.its a program like cool n quiet that has the same my pc is flying at 4ghz at 1.40v which is standard volt :D
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