(400watts < psu < 500watts) power supply compatible with intel dg41rq mobo ???

i've an intel dg41rq mobo .crrently have a generic cheap quality psu .it has ATX12v=2.03.i'm completely a noob in power supply compatiblity with motherboards .does these atx versions really matters .if yes than which power supply of 450 watts or below will be compatible with my mobo.my motherboard is micro atx in form factor .i didn't know the atx version of my mobo i only found that my current generic psu is of 2.03 version thats why i'm saying this .please suggest me a good psu for my mobo .
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  1. The only issue with an incompatible PSU is a failure of the motherboard to power up. As long as the PSU is ATX12v 2.03 or newer it should work.

    SeaSonic S12II 430B (ATX12v 2.3) 80 Plus Bronze
    Rosewill CAPSTONE-450 (ATX12v 2.31) 80 Plus Gold (more efficient)
  2. i also heard about the uncompatiblity of power supply unit with ups .i've a 'wep wipro 600va eco psu' will it be compatible with these psu you've defined .i checked on flipkart (indian online shopping store ) and found a cooler master thunder 450w psu which is 85%efficient but have no 80plus certification .and also found a crosair cx430v2uk power supply on that online store .so which one from these 4(2 which you defined and 2 of which i ) psu will be be good for me according to budget,compatiblity and performance ...
  3. Is your UPS pure sinewave? I can't find the specs.

    The PSUs that I suggested are very good, but they may not be available in India. The Corsair CX430 (no 80 Plus certification) would be a decent buy, but a pure sinewave UPS is recommended. I haven't checked the Cooler Master Thunder 450w, but I presume that it has similar requirements as most if not all active PFC PSUs.
  4. how to detect that it is a pure sinwave or not
  5. currently have a generic psu which has active pfc value of .99 and its running with my ups .
  6. Check the detailed specs in the user guide.
  7. The PSU may work with your UPS, but you won't know until you try it.
  8. in specs i found that its wave shape =quasi sine wave .will these psu be supported with that
  9. i got a specification sheet in the ups box if any more specifications are required please let me know
  10. Quasi sine wave and pure sine wave are not the same. I couldn't explain it better than CyberPower: http://www.cyberpowersystems.com/support/faqs/topologysinewave.html An active PFC power supply works best with a pure sine wave UPS, but that doesn't mean it won't work with your quasi sine wave UPS. To test it, make sure that your PC is working hard and then unplug the UPS to simulate a power failure and see if the PC keeps on running. The worst that could happen is the PSU will shutdown immediately.

    If it's available in India, the SeaSonic S12II 430B should work fine with your UPS. The Corsair CX430V2 UK may also work.
  11. is there any way to know that what kinds of protection that my current generic psu gives me ???like ovp ocp etc .(i don't want to burn anything ^_^ )
  12. hey by the way on which psu are you telling me to do your specified test well if it's the generic one which i've currently than i want you to know that it has passed your specified test .but if you're talking about doing the test with the new psu so let me tell you that i haven't bought it yet ^_^
  13. well i'm budget currently and both specified psu are available on indian online store .so the crosair 430watts psu is quite cheap ahead of the seasonic 430watt which you've specified .so should i buy the crosair one .???are you sure that it is compatible with my ups...and i don't want to take any kind of risk
  14. To start with, your old PSU probably is passive PFC (and not very efficient) which makes it compatible with your UPS. You want a new PSU, but you haven't indicated what's wrong with the old one.

    If you need a new PSU, then get the Corsair if it's much less expensive than the Seasonic If it fails the UPS test, then you'll have to return it, but I expect it to work. When there's a power failure, don't let it run for more than a few minutes, particularly if it makes unusual noises.

    If you don't want to take any risks, then either buy a PSU that's compatible with your UPS or buy a pure sine wave UPS (far more expensive than a compatible PSU).
  15. no actully i also wanted to know that why my old psu not able to handle my system with a radeon hd 7750 (currently have a geforce 210 no power issues at all ). my rig after graphics card upgrade will be :-

    intel e7500 2.93ghz (max tdp=65watts )

    intel dg41rq (don't know about its max. power draw )

    sapphire radeon hd 7750 1gb ddr5 (max. tdp 55watts )

    2*2gb of ddr2 ram.
    500gb hdd
    samsung dvd r/w

    i doesn't think that my current generic psu is that much weak that it can't handle this rig .i've heard many people who have used a 300watts power supply to run the systems which have higher power consumption than mine one (with radeon hd 7750).i've heard that this graphic card is actually has very less power consumption rates .so switching from one graphic card which has maximum tdp of 31watts to a card which has max tdp of 55watts .it won't let my psu to be burnt away .
  16. i also asked many people about this that weather my current generic psu will be able to handle a radeon hd 7750 or not .but i got mixed answers .i can say that 6/10 said that it will work without an problems 2 says that it may work or may not ! remaining 2 said that it won't work .what do you think that will it handle my system or not .if it can't be handled then i can't do anything actually cause i have to buy a new pure sine wave ups+a branded psu+sapphire radeon hd 7750...which is not allowed to me by my budget and by my parents .so what do you think ,will this power supply work after inserting radeon hd 7750 graphics card ???
  17. http://www.supercomp.in/smps.php
    this is the link of the psu which i currently have .the first one or the white one (SEMP 450) is the one which is currently installed in my pc
  18. I can't see the specs of your PSU because the image is way too small. What are the +5v and +12v ratings?

    You don't need a new UPS if you buy a new PSU as long as you get one that's compatible with a simulated sine wave.
  19. how can i find that psu which is comatible with stimulated sine wave
  20. well here are the detailed specifications i found about my generic psu on its sticker :-

    model-supercomp sep500

    AC input voltage- 140-240VAC ,50-60hz ,active pfc ...

    AC input current -6.5-8.5A

    DC output rating:-





    ATX 2.03=plentium 4
    ATX 12V=450watts

    these were the specs i found on my current generic psu's sticker .i don't missed any corner of the sticker and have copied the whole thing .as this is the generic one so maybe the provided information about this psu on its sticker may be more than actual or maybe false .but even if this provided information is more than actual,i don't think that this psu can't handle my system with a radeon hd 7750.what do you think ???i think that it can handle even its a generic one !!please tell me your opinion
  21. It obviously is an older P4 PSU (ATX 2.03), but you'll be fine if you only add an HD 7750 to your system. You could even add an HD 7770 without issues.
  22. are you sure that i've no power supply related issues after installing a sapphire radeon hd 7750 graphics card .maybe i'll also insert a printer atmost in the future. nothing else after this in my current pc .will my psu handle this .and sorry for asking too much questions but i want to be sure about everything before buying a graphics card ..^_^
  23. are you sure that the radeon hd 7750 will be handled by my old generic psu
  24. Why are you so scared of adding that video card to your system? Use http://www.extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine to verify the power requirements of your system, including the HD 7750. Your system will draw approximately 200W at peak and the recommended PSU is no more than 250W. Please rely on that excellent PSU calculator instead of listening to those people who told you that your PSU isn't powerful enough.

    A printer is connected through a USB port and it's power draw on the PSU is insignificant. A USB device can't draw more than 2 watts and that's only when it draws power from the system. A printer usually has it's own power supply.
  25. ok so i'm finalising sapphire radeon hd 7750
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