First time builder, will this build be any good?

Good afternoon, i am completely new to building my own computer.

I have done some research and was just wandering if what i have put together is ok for what i need.

Here is the parts list from pcpart picker

The psu that i have ordered isnt on there so have just put one by the same manufacturer. Te psu i have ordered is

I have managed this for about £550.

I will mainly be using the computer for WoW and Guild wars 2, but may venture into cod/bf3 if the computer can handle it.

May also do a bit of photo editing every now and then but not often.

Your views would be much appreciated


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  1. Trade you video card out for:

    You will get 3 games plus slightly better performance in games. You will have to find it on your own sites as I am not from Euro.
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