Long beeping sound from the motherboard

First of all, hello to everyone,

since today everytime I try to play a game there is a long beeping sound comming from the motherboard, sometimes its continuous, sometimes its not, depending on the load. It usually appears after I play a game for 5-10 min, and it stops when I pause the game or minimize it. Also, it doesnt affect the game performance, no fps drops, no screen tear, the gameplay is smooth as allways except for the beeping sound. The PC is booting and working normally, the problem occurs when I start a game.

At first I thought something is overheating so I checked the temperatures with HWMonitor, OCCT and HWinfo just to be sure and saw that the CPU and GPU never got higher than 70 C, only the motherboard was around 80 C max.

However the voltage readings are very strange. I tried with all three programs separately but I got the same result.

This suggest that my PSU might be the problem. Its a HANTOL 800W ATX V2.3. To be honest I have never heard of that brand, so its probably a crapy PSU but I got it a mounth ago because I had no other choise. It has a one year warranty so I can replace it with something better if that is the source of the problem.

So far I've checked all the cables, all the fans, reseated RAM sticks, ran Memtest without any problems and I'm pretty sure the beeping noise is comming from the motherboard. I wasn't able to remove the GPU because I dont have onboard video.

My system spec:

motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-DS3
CPU: Phenom II X6 1090t 3.2
GPU: Sapphire Radeon 6850 1GB
RAM: Mushkin enhanced 2x2 GB
HDD: Western Digital WD10EARS-22Y5B1 1Tb SATA

I also like to add that I dont have additional fans to my case, I'm using the stock AMD CPU cooler, and I havent done any overclocking.

Any help would be appreciated :) .
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  1. I place my bets on the PSU. Get a better one.

    By the way, you don't need 800W.

    450-500W would be better.

    If it's not the PSU, then maybe it's the motherboard.
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