Upgrading graphics card, 300-400 budget

Hi guys, let me just start by saying that I a beginner in terms of tech so please bear with me. Last year I purchased a rig from a local shop, a custom build, which the man in the shop put together for me. The specs are as follows;

Processor - Intel i5 3550P 3.1 GHz LGA 1155
Motherboard - MSI B75MA-P45 LGA 1155 mATX
Graphics Card - ASUS ATI 6670 1GB DDR5
Hard-Drives - WD blue 1 TB SATA6.0
PC-Case - Antec VSK 1000
RAM - Patriot 8 GB DDR3 1333MHz
CD/DVD drive - Asus 24X DVD-RW CD-RW
Sound Card - On board
Power - Advence 650W
I have an Acer S240HLbid 24'' Full HD widescreen LCD monitor with LED Back light and I'm running windows 7.

For a first time gaming rig it definitely does the job, but I'm just looking for more. I want to be able to run the likes of battlefield 3 and crysis 3 on decent settings without suffering from frame rate issues. As it stands I get 45-60 FPS on battlefield 3 on really low settings, which is OK I guess, but I want it to look nicer.

So my questions are these, what can I do to beef up my system if I have about £300-400 to spend? I've been looking at possibly getting a GTX 670 but I'm not too sure really as to whether it's worth the money? Do I need a better processor to take full advantage of a good graphics card? Or should I spend my money on something else like a SSD? Is it worth getting a SSD if you don't really know what it is? Any advice or recommendations you guys have for me would be greatly appreciated. And thanks in advance for a responses :D

p.s. I don't really know what I'm doing so I don't think I'll be overclocking any card that I might get.
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  1. No your CPU is pretty good just without IGP support.

    You should invest in a GTX 770. It is the best bang for the bucks and retails for around $400. The best you can get without bottlenecks.
    And believe me, that GPU can give you 50+ FPS on very high settings in BF3.

    IF you can increase your budget, you can also opt for GTX 780. It retails for around $700 but gives only 15% performance increase as compared to GTX 770.
  2. Look at the Radeon 7970GHz or GTX770
  3. you can max bf3 on those cards easily + 60 fps, even my sig build can do that :p

    and your pc will have better performance by a quite alot
  4. K thanks guys I've opted for a Zotac GeForce GTX 770 AMP! Edition. Thanks for the advice
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