Computer turns on the screens black and won't turn back off.

My computer is an hp i bought it about 6 years ago it turns on the lights come on and the fans come on but nothing comes on the screen and when I hold the button to turn it off it won't turn off. I can't find anyone who might know why I'm pretty sure my hard drive is fine but I'm not positive.
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  1. Chances are it the motherboard. If it shows nothing at all (it doesnt POST), then its the motherboard
  2. no video? and no dedicated graphics card? if so its prob the graphics chip on the motherboard i had two prebuilt hps that were prob similar to urs that didnt work due to a dead graphics chip on the board
  3. I've had this problem twice with two different problems. The first time it was the RAM. Make sure you don't have a bad chip by trying one at a time in if you have two, trying a different socket or borrowing a friend's/buying a new one. The second time it was actually a faulty motherboard, so you might want to borrow a friend's to see if that's the case.
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