Only My Motherboard Standby LED lights up, Nothing else power's on?

I bought the P8B75 M-LX By asus motherboard a few weeks ago, and it had this problem described in the title.
I only had the PSU connected to the motherboard with the fans connected to the molex connectors on PSU, some were also connected to my fan controller.

Anyway i tried a different motherboard, a VERY old one and this managed to work (e.g Fans powered on, psu fan powered on) So i sent the Asus motherboard back and got a replacement, but only to find the exact same problem again?! Someone help? This is also my first ever build so be nice
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  1. Still no answer, can someone PLEASE give me an idea as to what is wrong?:(
  2. What power supply using? Are the 24 and 4 pin power cables connected?
    Have you tested the board outside the case (for ruling out a short)?
  3. Yeah, i connected the 4 Pin connector to the cpu connection on the board, the same with the 24 pin. Also this doesn't work outside the case either. the psu im using is the Corsair CX500

    If it helps, my case is the Zalman Z9 Plus
  4. Try removing the wires from the motherboard's front panel header and starting the board by shorting with a screwdriver the 2 pins from the board's front panel header corresponding to the power switch (check the manual for the pinout). Not sure if I was clear enough.
  5. Tried that, nothing. By your post i am assuming you meant take the power switch connector out of the front panel header, then "shorting" the board with the screwdriver, but only touching the 2 pins, It does not work
  6. Any more ideas?
  7. Check to make sure processor is seated correctly and cpu cooler is connected to propper header.
  8. When you say that it doesn't work, you mean that the CPU fan is not spinning?
  9. I didnt state this, sorry.. But it doesnt power anything, and i havent got the CPU yet, i just wanted to test a part at a time to make sure nothing goes wrong, So to be clear, NOTHING is connected to the motherboard apart from the 24 Pin Connector. If i need the cpu for the fans to work, please say, but with the old motherboard (Which uses the belts to connect to the dvd drives etc) worked without anything in atall apart from the 20 Pin which it takes..
  10. I'm not sure with the new boards also. I suggest waiting for the CPU, installing it with the CPU fan, outside the case and then testing.
    Please post back. I'm curious too.
  11. Its really weird, as i dont think i've fried it, and i dont think its shorted as it doesnt work outside the case also, and this is a replacement with the exact same problem, so im really confused
  12. Bump..
  13. Okay, well I hope to find some more ideas but until someone replies with a possible solution, i shall save up and buy the CPU:)
  14. Bump, Anyone got any help? Still having this problem
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