Colorful Showcases GTX 780 Kudan & GTX Titan Ultra Edition

Colorful is showing off two new graphics cards at Computex 2013, the GeForce GTX 780 Kudan and the GTX Titan Ultra.

Colorful Showcases GTX 780 Kudan & GTX Titan Ultra Edition : Read more
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  1. why are titan still available on the market?isn't it limited and already sold out?
  2. hmm, I wonder if the Kudan can beat even an OCed Titan due to better PCB design and higher TDP...
    and it reminds me of powercolor's 7970x2 devil 13 lol
  3. bigger peepee contest
  4. Colorful really seems like they are a fun company putting out some innovative designs. Strange, I've never heard of their cards for sale or ever once being reviewed on a review site. I'm assuming they are Asia only? Too bad.
  5. Complete misuse of the word "Ultra" on a Nvidia card.
  6. Non reference PCB = yes.
    Three slots? Nooooo.
  7. I am all for cards to come equipped as standard with waterblocks once we start to hit the high end. But what I don't understand is why they always seem to cost much much more than the card + waterblock. I understand it's probably a niche market segment, but if you want it to grow, this isn't the way to do it. Watercooling (at least in the high end consumer side) is becoming more and more common which would allow more powerful cards running higher TDP to hit the market if they target watercooled only.
  8. Titan still have throttling issues?
  9. Still waiting for the Titan Super Ultra Edition
  10. Double post
  11. Cough Devil 13 cough
  12. derekullo said:
    Still waiting for the Titan Super Ultra Edition

    Super Ultra Mega Titan 2.0 XTREME Edition
  13. That looks like copper piping from an air condenser. That shit is gonna be frigid.
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