NEED Drastic Help Please! Optimizing Ram through Bios?

Hey guys, so I put together my very first build yesterday and have all my drivers installed and working great. Everything went really well except for one thing. In my Bios (Uefi Bios on an asus z87-a Mobo), it puts my ram speed on auto at 1333 mhz, the problem is that my ram is 2x8gb for a total of 16gb corsair vengeance ram that runs at 1866 mhz, when i went into the advanced settings and put this on 1866 and changed my timings to the recommended 9 10 9 27, my computer had a ton of glitches, it crashed, and then for like two minutes it just sat there turning itself on and off over and over again, i finally got back into the bios and put it back to 1333 mhz where everything runs just fine again. I am just curious as to how I can optimize my ram, i got 1866 mhz so my computer would be faster so I would like to be able to use it to its full potential. How do I go about configuring my bios to make my ram run at 1866 mhz? Any and all help would be so very much appreciated guys!!!
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  1. You haven't OC'd have you?
  2. Make sure all the settings are set to the SPD settings of the ram, which includes frequency, timings and voltage. Put the cards in 2nd and 4th slot.
    If the problem still persists get the ram cards replaced.
  3. Sounds like you set up manually, try enabling XMP select profile 1 and try that
  4. what is xmp profile one? and where might I find my spd settings to my ram?
  5. DRAM freq is 1866, timings and spec voltage should be on a lable on the sticks (prob 1.5-1.6 range for voltages, base timings are prob 9-10-9-27 or som CR will be 2t or 2N, thats the info in the SPD they were talking about. There should be a advanced or tweaker page in the BIOS with a DRAM control or XMP entry - this is where you enable XMP then an option for what profile you want (profile 1 will be a base 1866 profile, Profile 2 will be a little higher performance via advanced timings, stick with profile 1 for now)
  6. I went in to my Bios and changed my timings and freq. voltage was already correct at 1.5v, and my computer just crashes, and starts spazzing out, like it repeatedly turns off and on like 5 times until i can get back into my bios and change it? whats happening???
  7. What mobo and CPU
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