Slow Internet Speed...Sort of?

Hi I have a Asus M5A99X EVO motherboard. Recently I noticed my internet speed had been slow. had it at around 2 Mb/s when I should be at 30 Mb/s.

Well anyway, I recently discovered that in order to fix this problem, at every start-up I have to re-install my LAN driver. I just run the repair option and immediately when it is done my internet is running at full speed. The driver is Realtek LAN V82612 Win8.

I know my modem is not at fault because every other device, whether by Ethernet or wireless, always is running at full 30 Mb/s.

If anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. If on board ethernet, might check and see if a new driver is available, also possible the controller is starting to go south in which case could pickup an ethernet add on card ($19-15) and disable on-board, install the card and use it
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