Looking to buy a new GPU (for around $500)

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a new GPU to replace my relatively dated GTX 460. Initially I was looking at the GTX 680 but then I came across the 770 and the 7970. I am no expert so I really cannot tell the differences between the cards. Luckily, however, all of them fall either around or below that price. All I am really looking for is a GPU that will run my games on ultra without me having to over clock. I mostly play RTS games and shooters and am upgrading primarily in anticipation of Arma 3 and Rome 2 in particular. My question: Which of those cards (680, 770, 7970), or a different one you could recommend, would be best for the price?


My current specs:

GPU: GTX 460
CPU: Intel i7 2600 (3.4 GHz)
PSU: Corsair 750w
MOBO: ASUS p67 Sabertooth
HD: 500 GB WD caviar black
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  1. 770 or 7970

    If you might, at any point in the next ... I dunno ... 2-3 years, think about getting another card for Crossfire/SLI ... then go with the 770.
    If not, I say snag a 7970.

    Either way, you should be well covered for your usage ... unless you run a multi-monitor, high-resolution setup.
  2. Hey, Spaniard. The 770 does sound very nice, and from what I read the 7970 and the 770 are very similar in their performance. However, the 770 seems to have the edge when it comes to SLI potential, which I do plan on experimenting with in the future. In that regard I'd say the 770 sounds like the better choice, and given its ~$400 price I am very pleased. That being said, do you think the 770 would perform well on its own into the next few years, or would SLI be necessary? I do plan on delving into SLI eventually, but that might not be for another year plus or potentially not at all.
  3. On current titles it holds its own and should continue to do so over the next year. Any card can last 3 years, but most cards won't last 3 years and still keep up with Ultra settings. Eventually, to get the best graphics and FPS, you're either going to have to upgrade again or snag another for SLI. How soon that would be needed I can't say, as it depends on how quickly the technology advances.

    As with any of the top end cards, it also depends on the resolution you are using. If you play at 1920x1080 (or even 1920x1200) then they will power on through. If however you run a Surround/Eyefinity setup with 3 monitors and a resolution of say ... 5760x1080 (1200) ... then they tend to hit a wall due to the sheer number of pixels being pushed.
  4. I'd grab a GTX 770 http://amzn.to/12iIbiR since it will be your best option right now. It will last you a couple years before you would want to consider upgrading.
  5. I forgot to say that I do not run a multi-monitor set up, just a single monitor at 1920x1080. From the sound of it the 770 seems like the smarter buy. Plus when I inevitably have to upgrade I could potentially just buy another 770 and SLI, which would likely be a lot cheaper than buying a new card.

    When it comes to the manufacturer, does it really matter who you buy from? I was partial to the Gigabyte windforce 770, but it looks like byogaming suggests the EVGA ACX? Any reason you suggested that particular model?
  6. Yeah if you're going Nvidia, go EVGA. There's no better manufacturer in that camp.
  7. Alright great. Thanks guys, I appreciate all the help. Looks like a 770 it is.
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