Recommended CPU Air Cooler for Overclocked i7-4770k?

Hi, I'm looking for the best cpu cooler for an overclocked i7-4770k. I do not want and liquid coolers for now and would like something between the $20-50 range. Also I hate loud coolers so please keep that into consideration. The case I'm using is the nzxt switch 810.

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  1. Cooler master Hyper 212 evo with push pull or a xigmatek dark knight II with push pull is better or similar to a H100 liquid cooler
  2. Hi have also noticed that fans provided with the coolers aren't that brilliant, the cooler master 212 only kicks out 66cfm max at 31db, hell that is loud for how much air flow you are getting, buy one of the coolers mentioned as they are very good and shop and shop for the best fans you can find will list a few bellow

    I have 3 all time favorite fans trash other fans i still run at half the noise starting from quietest to noisiest

    Prolimatech Red Vortex Red Wings Red LED 120mm Fan, 18.1 DB, 87 CFM.

    Akasa Viper R High Performance S-Flow fan (14cm Blade on 12cm Fitting) 21 DB, 109.5 CFM

    There are also 2 more fasn that i didn't mention because they run past 30 DB which is rather loud in my opinion, they are...

    zarward golf 3, 30.9 DB, 95.40 CFM

    And the power house Thermalright TY-143 140mm Case Fan - 120mm Mount that runs at 130CFM!!! but unfortunately it sounds like a bowing 747 landing at 45 DB. I hope this helps with your cooling.
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