How bad is my bottleneck?

So here are my current relevant specs, mind you i made this a couple years ago when I short on cash and did not know too much about building PCs and have added a new GPU since then.

CPU: Intel i5 650
Motherboard: OEM Inspiron 580
RAM: 6gb Samsung 1333mhz

I am certain that the CPU is the bottleneck, and i know it probably quite bad. But HOW bad is my question. I am thinking about either getting the FX-8350 or i5-3570k and i just need to know how quickly i should try to get it. Thanks for any help provided.
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  1. It's a combination of basically all, the CPU isn't to bad, , the mobo uses the H67 chipset which isn't really conductive to gaming, and 1333 dram is the entry level..I'd suggest the 3570K, with your 670 and the 3570K, you don't need an outlandishly expensive mobo , I'd look at something like my ASRock Z77 Extreme 4, if primarily just for gaming I'd go 8GB of 1866
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    the mobo uses the H67 chipset which isn't really conductive to gaming

    When you say that, does that mean it literally does not perform as well as say a Z77 board? Or is it that for other reasons?
  3. Yes - the Z77 is the at the head of the Ivy Bridge chipsets and 3rd gen Intel CPus, prior to the IB was Sandy Bridge and 2nd gen Intel CPUs which was led by the P67 Chipset (some will say the Z68 but that was basically a test bed for features to go into the Z77 line) in the Sandy Bridge family the H67 chipset was at the lowend
  4. Thank you, one more question, you mentioned my RAM, i realize that it is lowend and quite poor, how important is it that i should upgrade the RAM. Also, if i were to buy 2 more modules of ram (2x4gb), would i be able to use 2 of the 3 modules of RAM that i have (if i have 4 slots, obviously) to have 12gb?
  5. If budget concerns play in, I'd start with what you have, then when ready go with a 2x4GB set of 1600 or 1866, you probably would be OCing immediately, I normally suggest at least giving the thermal compound about 4-5 days to cure before OCing, and then taking the OC up in slow degrees to be able to run and check for stability under different conditions
  6. Ok, thanks on the OC info, but i believe you didnt answer the second part of my question. Since i currently have 3x2gb modules of ram to make 6gb. Would i be able to continue to ue 2 of those modules along with the new modules of ram to make 12gb (8+4)?
  7. You can try it, there's no guarantee in mixing any two set, even of the same exact brand and model and mixing sets of different densities is generally even more problematic. But sure give it a try, and if any problems, give me a OM here or go over to the GSkill forums, I'm an Admin over there so am in and out every day
  8. Awesome, thank you very much for all your help!
  9. No problem, keep in touch
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