Mushkin Packs Four SandForce Controllers into a PCIe SSD

Mushkin is introducing a new lineup of PCIe based SSDs, some which feature some absurd (read: mind-bogglingly high) speeds.

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  1. Well, the MSI GT60-2od and MSI GT70-2od laptops can have 3 mSATA SSDs in RAID 0 for over 1200MB/s read and write speeds.

    So in other words I'd like to see a manufacture pack 2+ controllers in RAID into a 2.5" SATA 3 drive for really good 4K speeds to finally maximize the SATA 3 interface in all scenarios except 4K @ queue depth of 1-2.

    But maybe due to costs we and lack of enthusiasm, we won't see this until SATA 4?
  2. Good thing I bought a hacksaw. I'm willing to sell an arm, leg and kidney for one of these. :D
  3. It would begin something like this, "I. See. See honey. See honey, I need well.... In the largest capacity. It's an investment. I'll be so much more productive that it'll pay for itself. ...and...."
  4. lol you guys crack me up with the comments, it sure makes me feel better about the two down servers I came into this morning.
  5. expect the price to be: some absurd (read: mind-bogglingly high)
  6. I still would like to know what the 480gb would cost. But then again I'm cringing enough at the thought of spending ~$400 for a regular SSD one that size now
  7. Looking at the bottom of the card, it looks like there are just 4 slots for mSATA SSD's. My guess is Mushkin uses a PCIe 4x to 4x SATA controller and then just attaches 4 of their Atlas mSATA SSD's (which run on the SandForce controller mentioned). They would then just run all 4 drives in a RAID-0 using the PCIe to SATA controller. If this is true, I wonder if it's possible to buy this card without the mSATA drives and just attach whichever drives you want.
  8. But does it support TRIM?
  9. But can it play Crysis?
  10. And then you put one of these in your PC and become incredibly annoyed once you realise it takes 30 extra seconds to boot. :)
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