OFF MARKET: Gaming Rig + Water Cooling – Had Baby

Piecing out the rig to help me sell it now that we have great need. Please see my other posts if you have any interest in PARTS

FS: Gaming Rig + Water Cooling – Had Baby

Items Located and Shipped from NW Indiana, USA. No International Shipping. Local pick-up/exchange offered. Paypal accepted (Cash if local pickup OK). Buyer is responsible to shipping costs. Pricing is negotiable.

The title says it all. 1.5 years ago my first child was born. About 1 year ago I drained the system, cleaned all the cooling parts, applied fresh AS5, and began replacing the Tygon lines. It has not been refilled. I simply do not have time to play games anymore and my Gaming Rig needs a good home.

If an item does not work, I will pro-rate a refund based on the price listed below so long as you let me know within 2 weeks. If the price is negotiated down, I will pro rate based on percent. I expect that everything will work fine.

$500 OBO

Water Cooling ***********
RAD 1: $50 TFC XChanger 480ER
RAD 2: $0 - TFC XChanger 480ER – Never introduced into this loop – small end cap repair needed.
PUMP: $50 Swiftech D5 Vario with EK top
CPU: $20 Swiftech Apogee GTZ
MOBO Full Board: $30 Bitspower AIX58NS
MOSFET 1& 2: $30 EK-MOSFET ASUS X58 KIT - Acetal+Nickel
bitspower silver barbs with new o-rings - assortment: $50
Fans: $50 5 120mm feser triebwerks (55mm Deep)
Rad Box: $0 Custom Cabinet
Tygon Tubing: $0 (will need a little more)

Computer **************
CPU: $50 i7-920
MOBO: $50 ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
GPU: $50 BFG 285 GTX
MEM: $75 OCZ Gold 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3 1600
Case: $44 LIAN LI PC-A05FNB
HD: - Not included (reused in my unraid server)
PSU: - Not Included (reused in my unraid server)
Note: nothing is wrong with the side panel, I didn’t slip it on all the way because the click would have awoken my little girl.
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  1. Mod - any chance you can move this to the Classifieds section please... I thought this is were it would go. Thank you.
  2. Interested in the CPU.
  3. And the motherboard.
  4. And the graphics card
  5. I am willing to part the system, just keep in mind that this board & cpu are fully watercooled - you'll need to grab at least the mosfet and full mobo water blocks too.
  6. oh... and the graphics card comes with a danger den full coverage water block... no expense added ;)
  7. It doesn't come with the stock heatsinks and whatnot? I can't be bothered with custom loops.
  8. Nope - the stock air heatsinks are long gone as storage space is at a premium in my house.

    You could grab the whole package ;)
  9. Sorry. Don't have enough money.
  10. Maybe i'll just buy the CPU
  11. I would be willing to part just the CPU... so long as I get some bites on the other components.
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