E3 2013: Titanfall "Behind Closed Doors" Preview

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  1. i wonder what the recommended PC specs must be for this title ??
  2. Are there any people still interested in EA games?
  3. I hope this doesn't proceed along the same lines as the Colonial Marines crapware.
  4. Best game at E3
  5. @Redeemer I was also highly impressed with Destiny. Those two are definitely the top contenders for Best of E3 2013 imo.
  6. this game is always online, so its dead to me.
  7. @alidan Unless I'm mistaken, there is no campaign, Titanfall is multiplayer only, so of course it is always-online. Unless you were hoping for offline multiplayer, but that's not very popular anymore since most maps are too big for 4 player splitscreen and very few get together for lan parties anymore. If you're worried about the Xbox One's controversial features, get it for PC or Xbox 360.
  8. I don't buy EA products so I don't care.
  9. "The team, managed by Respawn players hidden behind a curtain...", what are they hiding?, isn´t that a liitle off?
  10. No pictures or videos, ok ... how about some sketches :)?
  11. Sweet EA licensed Mechwarrior!
  12. Sweet EA licensed Mechwarrior!
  13. Sweet EA licensed Mechwarrior!
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