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I have a 2008 computer with an Asus P5E main board and Intel core 2 quad processor built mainly for video editing with Nvidia 8800GT600 512MB graphics, 2x 1TB HDD's, 4GB of memory, a DVD, a Bluray writer and a Pinnacle card for downloading analogue tapes. The computer failed a few months ago with no image on the LG monitor even during start up (except for the message about it being a power saving monitor). It was found that if the computer was allowed time to boot up and the monitor was switched off and on again the Windows user window appeared for a second or so before disappearing again. Another monitor and cable were tried and another graphics card as well but all with same result. I suspect the problem is with the main board but has anyone else had this problem with the Asus P5E card or knows how to confirm the diagnosis with out changing the board? If the problem is the main board and it needs to be changed what would be a suitable replacement that could be used with the other components? Regards
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  1. Try a different graphics card.
  2. Hi Clutchc
    I have tried 2 different graphics cards, see above, how many more should I try?
  3. Have you tried shutting down and booting into safe mode, if it boots into SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING and you don't have it, download MalwareBytes and run it...there fews of these snips of malware out there that cause problems like this
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