AsRock Z77 extreme 4 or MSI Z77A - GD55?

title says it all
my specs are
i5 3570K (wanting to OC)
HD 7950 (planning on going Crossfire)
8GB G.Skill Ripjaws 1600
Coolermaster extreme 2 625w PSU
deepcool gammaxx 200 CPU fan
Samsung 840 120GB SSD
2 HDDs

What would be better suited for my system?
and yes i know about power issues if i go CF
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  1. I'd go ASRock, that what I run for a Z77, took a look at the other big 2 as well as MSI, before purchase for the features/price it's my choice, have built about 20+ on theis mobo for clients and all have been happy....Have built on other brands and for this range, would always suggest the Rock and the X4
  2. cheers
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