Google Buys Waze for an Undisclosed Amount

Waze is joining Google but staying in Israel.

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  1. 1.03 Billion but dont let the facts all over the net comfuse u
  2. " The service uses satellite signals from users' smartphones ..."

    I didn't know my smartphone was broadcasting satellite signals..
  3. Google better have not spent 1B+ on Waze, because its not worth that.
  4. I used waze once or twice. I live in a traffic-heavy area and I drive to/from work, but I never found it all that useful. Plus the app eats battery life. Eats it like there's no tomorrow.
  5. If you live in a high traffic area, that means you live in a very dense population area I would think, you should have other wazers around you.
  6. I really hope this functionality gets added to Google Maps. I've never used Waze but the features sound awesome for phone-based GPS and navigation. Google Maps are already very accurate and adding the data-sharing features from Waze would provide better traffic data, more accurate travel times, and a whole host of added benefits for Google Maps.
  7. I've been using this app since last year. Im living in a country which I dont know much. This app helped me reach places without having to spend a cent on data network. I just choose the destiny before I leave home, using my wifi and then it downloads everything related to that location. The voice and NFS-like OCR is just amazing.

    This is the best offline GPS app I've ever used. And that is something Maps does not have.
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