Is this a pc build good enough for next generation gaming

I am looking into making my own pc instead of buying next generation consoles and was wondering whether or not these specs/items I have chose would be good enough for atleast 5yrs in the future.
Intel i5 4560k
Radeon 7870
Corsair 8GB RAM
1TB hardrive
Would these specs also run games like battlefield 4(when it's released) well with no lag?
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  1. You've made a good choice in ditching consoles.

    That looks to be quite alright. I'm sure that would run BF4 at least on medium... If not high.

    The GPU could be better (not that it's bad).
  2. 5 years ago the first i7s were being produced. And the Core 2 Duo was a very popular processor.
    Also the ATI 4xxx and Nvidia's 9xxx lines were the most recent GPUs.
    If you were to have the top of the line hardware at that point you would have at best a sub-average computer today.
    AND you would have Vista.
    5 years from now what you have listed will probably be out done by 32TB HDD or 2/4 TB SSD
    5 and 6 GHz, 8 and 16 core processors
    GPUs that have 2GHz clocks and 8000 steam processors/CUDA
    This not including the vast architecture improvements.
    I would say your setup would be very solid for a couple years and lower end by the end of the third year.

    Future-proofing that far ahead is difficult with any setup.
  3. I would say though that those are some excellent parts and would last you a good while.

    I would only say that 5 years from now don't expect it to run the latest games very well at all maybe low settings.

    And +1 on ditching consoles.
  4. Thank you guys
    Is there any parts that could be changed to reduce the price but not the performance much??
    I have also been looking at AMD CPUs
    Are they any good for the price or is intel the way to go for next gen?
  5. AMD vs Intel is a pretty big discussion. As far as pure specifications, AMD is cheaper. But Intel has better efficiency with the specs they use.
    You'll get a lot of opinions both ways but I think that statement is fairly agreed upon.

    You might cut some expenses by buying cheaper smaller bits (Case, MOBO, RAM). But in the long run CPU and GPU will cost the most and trying to cut much from those will cut the perfomance.

    Generally more money=more performance : less money=less performance
  6. Thanks I will take that into consideration when I get enough mine to order the parts...
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