Need help restoring my computer back to Windows Xp.

Ok so I just bought a new motherboard for my computer (Msi Z77A-G41) after the old one stopped working (Asrock z77 pro3 Extreme3) and when I turn on my computer it tries too boot windows 7 then crashes restarts and brings me to windows error recovery. It says that windows failed to start because of a recent hardware change (my motherboard I'm guessing). I went throught the fix automatically and it can't fix anything. I have a windows xp sp3 boot disc which we originally installed on my computer before I switched to 7. I've tried just booting from te disc but it loads all the drivers then blue screens and gives me and error and tells me to restart and try again (Which I have). I have all my drivers on discs and I don't care about anything on my HDD or SDD. Is there any way I can just start clean and get rid of everything, then reinstall windows xp? Or if there's anything else I can do to fix this that would be awesome. Really hope someone can help.
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  1. As you found out, moving a boot drive to another computer rarely works as the OS still has drivers for the old motherboard. I don't know if XP can even run on newer hardware. I suggest you clean install windows 7.
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