Looking for a decent laptop.

I heard this was a great place to ask questions like this. I am looking for a laptop for $600 or less. I will primerally using it for internet, word processing, and playing games (like World of Warcraft and League of Legends). I was looking at dell's website, but it made it difficult to try to get exactly what I wanted.

Also, I'm planning on selling this current laptop and an iPad to a friend. The iPad is going for $300 to him, and I'm wondering how much I could get for this laptop on a place like Craigslist. It's an Acer Aspire5336 with a 2.20 GHz processor and 3 GB ram 64-bit Windows 7. Depending on how much I could get for this laptop, I might be able to stretch my budget.
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  1. you may be able to fetch 150-200 if you're lucky. Laptops, especially in the secondary market, are hard to move and those that do not offer more than just a web browsing experience usually are harder to move since most people can get a good basic laptop NEW for roughly $300. Good luck finding a buyer! Id suggest for your new laptop to find one that has an APU they have great performance if you're only playing WOW and LOL no need to go all out since those titles are not very graphic hungry
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