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I would appreciate some advice on a new gaming mouse. I am looking for something that works well for large hands, has perfect tracking, is heavy (or has adjustable weights), and preferably looks sharp as well.
I had a R.A.T. 7 and I absolutely loved everything about it, except the tracking. This mouse had horrible drifting issues and lost its axis constantly. I have heard that, unfortunately, the newer models have the same problems.
I moved from there to a Thermaltake Level 10 mouse, which I never liked much. It was a good length, but too narrow for me, and the extra buttons were poorly placed and easy to press accidentally. The pointer would also suddenly start moving on its own for no reason.
Now I just got a GX Gila, and i don't like it much. It is really small (more like a laptop mouse for hands my size), it's uncomfortable, the weight tray moves around inside the mouse, and the sensor is very imprecise.

Is there a really great gaming mouse out there that fits my needs? I would prefer something that looks flashy and lights up, but I will deal with a more plain mouse as long as it looks nice and performs flawlessly. I am not afraid to pay a premium for a great product (especially considering I have already paid it for three not-so-great products).

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Razer has a very good selection of mice to use... I use the razer abyssus because I am cheap, for only 30 bucks it was good, going to you can see the various mice they have under peripherals. They are typically on the larger side, have lights, and have up to 21 buttons depending on what mouse you get.
  2. depends on how you like to hold your mice... claw grip? semi claw? palm? also how you like to click your buttons is important which is why i listed all the details of what i do.

    i have regular sized man hands and the razer deathadder is perfect for a palm grip with the first finger and se cond finger on the right and left click, the third finger grabbing the side, the pinky trailing off and the thumb grabbing the left side of the mouse.

    note: i use the "old" style deathadder not the new "2013" style. there is a difference in what coatings they use but more of an issue is that the new mice requires synapse 2.0 which is buggy and in general it blows while the original uses drivers. the deathadder black edition is like the old version just without lights. it also looks to have drivers. of course you can use any of them without drivers (i am currenty doing that at the moment). just thought i would clarify on this.

    razer deathadder

    my grip and ruler for scale

    i also suggest reading this thread since it has many photos indicating the size of the mouse and a few other products are listed.
  3. Hi guys. Thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Razer. I don't purchase their products anymore. I have had two Razer keyboards and a Razer mouse in the past, and I have found their products to be over-hyped, over-priced cheap plastic. In fact, my Imperator is sitting on my desk at work; I didn't include it here because I don't consider Razer products to be serious gaming peripherals.
    Reading reviews on every mouse I could find online, it looks like maybe there just isn't a product on the market that will make me happy right now. The R.A.T. 7 was nearly perfect in every way, but for the terrible laser sensor. If they could just put a reliable, high-quality sensor in one of those, I would use that mouse until it fell apart.
    Alas, I think I am stuck with this Gila. I can't keep throwing hundred-dollar bills at mediocre of flawed mice and expecting a different outcome.
    I appreciate the ideas! =-)
  4. i agree with your senntiments on razer...

    but the old deathadder is one product they did right. you can pick them up for $30-40 as well so it doesnt break the bank...

    the rat7 had known reliability issues. it quite literally fell apart due to all of the small parts.

    have you tried the logitech gaming mice? how about corsair? both are also highly recommended.
  5. You know, I had an old MX1000 for a long time, and it was a great mouse. It was large, it was heavy, it felt nice, and it never messed up on me. Alas, its day has passed though. I really didn't see anything in Logitech's current lineup that impressed me much. I was taking a look at the G700x, but the style really didn't appeal much to me.
    As far as Corsair, I am a big fan of their products. I would say the main thing I was looking at before getting this mouse was the M95. The main issue I saw with it, though, was my biggest issue here: it's not very big. It also doesn't have adjustable weight.
  6. I use a Logitech G500. Not sure if I would consider it a "large" mouse, it seems pretty standard size to me. It is weight adjustable.
  7. If you have the money, the Razer Mamba is an amazing mouse. Ive had it for the past year, and have had only ONE problem wich was delt with Very fast. One thing Razer is very good about are their mice. Id stay clear from their headphones and controllers as they are not the best.
  8. Check out Thermaltake TteSPORTS Theron Gaming Mouse - thats what im thinking of getting myself
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