Asus Fan Xpert 2 query

I've recently installed a new motherboard (Asus Maximus V5 Gene) and opted to try out the bundled Fan Xpert 2 software. I've set it as I should, and told it to run a fan at 30% up until it hits 40 degrees. What I'm confused about though is that (as you can see by this image) the fan is not spinning at all. If I change a setting and hit apply it'll start up as per my set instructions, but this is required every boot. I'm currently stressing the CPU to heat it up- would like to see if the fan spins up from 40 degrees. Does anyone know why this could be happening and how to resolve it? Thank you in advance.

Unsure of how to verify version of AI suite. The *.exe's details claim it to be version It's listing in Programs & Features states a version of 2.01.01. I downloaded it from the Asus site so it should be the latest.
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