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Alright guys,

I have a bit of a problem, I purchased a Iiyama ProLite G2773HS 120hz monitor which supports DVI-D, HDMI and VGA.

I then have a XFX HD 7970 which supports DVI-I (Dual Link) and Mini DisplayPort.

The problem I'm having is finding a cable which will go from my GPU to my Monitor to support 120hz, I'm currently using a DVI-D Dual Link cable but it is not displaying 120hz because my GPU needs a DVI-I cable instead.

I basically need a cable that connects into my GPU through DVI-I and on the other end is a DVI-D.

I'm at a lost end looking through adapters, extensions and such!
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    This monitor ships with DVI-D cable that allows you to use 120Hz refresh rate.
    It should not matter if the cable is DVI-I or DVI-D as long as it is dual link.
    It doesn't matter that your card has DVI-I port, because DVI-D connector is compatible with it.
  2. I never got a cable with the monitor unfortunately, so I purchased a very cheap cable from eBay, but the monitor is still not displaying 120hz. Do I just need to buy a premium cable or something? - Would this be fine?
  3. Yes, it should do. Any dual link dvi cable should do.
    Which one did you get?
    Have you installed the monitor driver?
  4. I've installed the monitor driver, it shows up in both the CCC and Properties page.

    I bought this cable
  5. It should work. Seller wrote: Dual link digital signaling allows for high speed transmission up to 9.9 Gbps. If that's true than this is enough for 1080p@120Hz. Looking at its price I think it may be too sh*tty for the task. Look for a cable that is advertised to work at 2560x1600@60Hz or 1920x1200@120Hz.
  6. An update on this: I purchased a cable in which a person said he uses it for his 120hz monitor and works fine, I received it this morning and it did not work.

    I also purchased a Mini DP to DVI-D Dual Link cable in which the description said that it supports 120hz, once again the monitor only gave me an option to use 60Hz.

    My CCC (I use a XFX HD7970) says that my maximum refresh rate reported is 75Hz, I'm at a loss now, it surely can't be the cable as I've tried four (Spending nearly £40 on cables!) so this leaves either the graphics card or the monitor (Apparently this is refurbished and had to be fixed with new parts to make it operational, hence the cheap price I paid for it).

    Any help at all or should I just RMA the monitor?
  7. Flip this switch and see if that helps. Use dvi-dvi cable.
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