Help a noob build a decent-high end gaming PC

I have recently started playing games on my laptop which has very low specs, i now feel it is time to start spending on a high end gaming PC, but I'd prefer to build one just to feel a little better whenever i use it :D
Anyways, I've made a decent enough list on what I plan on buying and assembling.
It is as follows:
Processor: i3 3220 Ivy Bridge 3.3Ghz
Motherboard: ASRock H61M-U3S3
Power Supply: CORSAIR Builder Series CX500 500W ATX12V v2.3
Memory Module: CORSAIR DOMINATOR GT 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM
Graphic Card: PowerColor AX7750 1GBD5-DH Radeon HD 7750 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI

The PC case is irrelevant as i will purchase a cheap low end case as this doesn't affect actual gaming. Keyboards, mice, and monitors are also taken care of.
I would just like some feedback as to whether or not this is a decent set up to achieve high-max quality settings on games such as Battlefield, LoL, and Call of Duty. My current budget is around 400-600 Dollars depending on what I can get for my moneys worth.
Thanks in advance! Any input would be useful as to whether this is already a good setup or whether I should change something. :)
P.S Please tell me if theres anything I've missed out, Cheers.
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  1. Defuq is wrong with you dude! an i3! come on man! a low end case wont effect gaming! a Raden HD 7750! please!

    PS: if you dont need a new 1920x1080 moniter dont buy one, and if you dont want to buy another windows use either Ubuntu or migrate your HDD to the SSD (os only) with AIOME partition assistant)

    I would also like you to pay my med bills, as i might have caused brain damage from hitting my
  2. Its OK for the budget but a 7750 will not max any modern games and dual core CPUs like the i3 struggle with some modern titles so AMD willl likely be better on a budget. To max modern games you need to spend alot more.
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