Haswell 4670k stock temps with Corsair h100i cooler

I just built a new system with haswell, and I'm wondering about whether my temperatures are acceptable at stock cpu speeds. I'm using the nzxt phantom 410 case with the regular fans that it comes with, except I moved the 140 mm top fan to the side panel as intake. I've also got 1 120 mm fan as intake, the h100i set to exhaust, and one other rear exhaust fan. I bought an additional 140 mm fan but it wouldn't fit at the bottom because my power supply is too large.

At idle, the cpu temp seems to range between 23-28 depending on the temperature in my room. I ran Aida 64 for 15 minutes, and the highest temperature reached was 50, with an average of 48. I'm only using all the default fans that came with the h100i and the phantom 410, and the h100i fans are set to exhaust out of the top of the case. Does this seem reasonable? Also, would I gain anything by installing an additional front 120 mm fan?
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  1. Your temps are more than ok, you don't need the extra fans, but adding them wont be bad either
  2. Not reasonable. I'm using a 4770K with Hyper 212 EVo aircooler, getting 55 degrees ( C ) with AIDA64.

    But my case is full of fans to drag a lot of air through, so that might be what makes the difference.
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