AMD Mobile Athlon 64 4000+ in ASUS K8N-E mb wont work. HELP!

Ok i put 4000+ Newark CPU in my ASUS K8N-E mb because i have an old sempron 2600 and i thought it would work cause i found on the internet it works with K8N and K8N-E DELUXE, but when I start the PC it dosent post or just shuts down by itself and i flashed bios to latest Please can someone help and also tell me is this Mobile Athlon 64 4000+ faster and better in games than AMD Athlon 64 3700+ for socket 754?

And dont tell me I need an upgrade because i already have a quad core PC i am just upgrading this one because its too slow
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  1. Is there anybody who tried this or any mobile athlon socket 754 CPU with ASUS K8N-E motherboard?
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