Best Graphics card for $200-$250?

i am really stuck and need some help on deciding what graphics card to buy. my budget is 200-250 dollars and i want to be able to run bf4 on ultra if possible.

my specs
amd a10-5800k 4.0ghz
8gb ram
xfx 7770
600w psu

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  1. Right now, the best you can get is the 7870 xt/le. There are several to choose from. The cheapest right now is the powercolor 7870 ex edition which is $210 after rebates and comes with 4 games right now.
  2. yup the 7870would be the best choice:;it also comes with 4 free games and is the cheapest amongst all
  3. This one would be better. It gives the performance of a 7950 for the price of a 7870. It's just about the best value you can get right now.
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