E3 2013: Bungie's Destiny Gameplay Video Footage

Here's a sample of Bungie's upcoming shooter for Activision.

E3 2013: Bungie's Destiny Gameplay Video Footage : Read more
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  1. One of my top 5 games shown at E3 this year. Can't wait to play it.
  2. No PC? fuck you!
  3. So they're doing it for both last-gen consoles but not PC?

  4. @madjimms They said in an interview that they'd love for the game to be on PC and that they have the game running on PC already, and to stay tuned. So it's probably a timed exclusive, there will likely be a PC version enventually.
  5. madjimms mad. I have my gaming rig, but come November I will be spending a lot of time on the PS4. And like like shikamaru said it will more than likely come to PC
  6. Too bad this is a shooter...wish it was an RPG
  7. @scout62 It's technically both a shooter and an RPG, much like Borderlands and the new Tom Clancy's: The Division. Sort of like Fallout 3 as well, though Fallout didn't have very refined shooter mechanics since it was made on the same engine as TES: Oblivion.
  8. finally, after 20 years of gaming. games are looking real!!!
  9. Can't thumb up or down, says "An error has occured." since last friday I think. Can you fix it?
  10. Games like this make it so tempting to go to console. Been a dedicated PC gamer but damn the gaming industry practically forcing us to go console for best titles.
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