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Infrequently my desktop will freeze up. Sometimes I can restart it no problem, but every once in a while I will have to do a hard shutdown and on reboot if I check the bios the hard drive is not recognized. I remove the hard drive, use another computer to run WDlifeguard on it, and when I put it back in the same computer it works great again - for a while. I have had a WD 620GB hard drive, a Hitachi 500GB hard drive and a WD Caviar Blue 500GB HD installed with the biostar GF7100P M7S motherboard. The 620GB and the Hitachi have both been working in other computers for over a year now since I took them out. I can hook another HD to the motherboard and it is recognized immediately. I can move the HD to another computer and the HD spins up immediately. But after about 6 to 8 weeks this desktop has a fit and won't recognize the HD. Anybody got any idea's?
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  1. Has nobody got any idea's on this? I am now doing a chkdsk/r to see if there are any problems there, and I ave done a memory test as well as another hard drive check with hdtuneup. It shows no errrors there, and my western diital smart test also shows no errors. I am still at a loss.
  2. It finally froze up completely, so I removed the motherboard from the case, and then before I scrapped the m/b I booted it on the bench. It booted fine. So I reinstalled it in another case but this time I put plastic washers under the stand offs, and then placed the special hard cardboard washers under each screw. It has been working fine ever since, but I am still hesitant to offer it for sale.
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