No signal after installing new gpu (windows 8)

I installed a evga gtx 650ti and started it up, it came up with a blank screen and said no signal so I took it to a shop and they said I need a better psu so I got one and still no signal the I turned off secure boot and enabled legacy mode but still no signal. If I put in my old card it boots fine and there is signal thanks for reading please help
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  1. Since you have been told you need a better PSU, can you please list the make and model of power supply that you are currently using, or at least the wattage and 12V power rail details?

    Have you plugged in the 6 pin, PCI-e power connection on the graphics card?

    If your power supply has sufficient amperage capacity to run your card and is only lacking the proper 6 pin, PCI-e power connection, you can use an adapter such as this to power the graphics card:
  2. sorry forgot to close it, i fixed it by putting in the card and going into integrated graphics and installed the drivers and now it works, bizarre really :D
  3. Good job, glad you found your solution. :-)
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