Dell Dimension 3000: Issue w/ CD Rom/HDD

Hard Drive is set to Master
CD Rom is set to Master

I cannot get the CD Rom to load my Windows XP disc. There are times I can't even get it to show up in the BIOS.
There are times I can't get the Hard Drive to work when the CD Rom is working.

Both are connected to seperate cables.
Pulled out of other working machines

Hard Drive: Barracuda 80GB
CD Rom: Stock CD Drive 8x 8x

Any help would be wonderful right now.

Additional Details

The hard drive and the CD Drive is recognized by the BIOS! But, my CD Drive is slow. I inserted the Windows XP CD, pressed F12, and pressed enter on the option to boot from the CD Drive. It took literally 5 minutes for the CD Drive to start spinning and to load the OS. The CD Drive also stops frequently, so the screen will go black until spinning resumes.

Any help?

Currently stuck at the "Setup is starting Windows" screen. CD Drive is not spinning.

After waiting for a LONG time, I got the BSOD.

"The problem seems to be caused by the following file: partmgr.sys


I believe faulty ram may be to blame, but I am not sure. I'm scared to even mess inside of the computer. I was lucky to even get them (HDD/CDR) to both be read by the BIOS.
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  1. Did you try changing them both to cable select , then rebooting the computer?
  2. I will try that right now. Actually, that was the default setting when I got the PC.
  3. Keep us posted.
  4. BIOS detected the CD Drive, but not the hard drive.

    EDIT: I've also noticed since switching to cable select, the hard drive clicks a lot when the DELL loading screen appears.
  5. Bios still showing both?
  6. On my old Dells, i always used CS.
  7. No, just CD Rom.
  8. Have you tried master and slave setup.
  9. Which should I set for M/SL?
  10. HDD M ROM SL.
  11. Will try right now.

    Could be a sign of bad ram ^
  13. Hard drive on master
    Cd drom on slave

    Nothing is detected by BIOS
  14. I have more ram for the dimension 3000. Should I remove the old ram and try a new stick?
  15. That error is usually bad ram and that will cause that freezing.
  16. I replaced the ram with a known working 1GB stick (I have two 3000's)

    The HDD and CD Rom still remain undetected.
  17. I'm going to try another hard drive. The one currently in keeps making a clicking sound.
  18. Could be bad if the clicking is loud.
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