I'm looking for a good gaming monitor please help.

I would like a monitor that can do gaming well with good response time, I usually play FPS games. As well one that has a crisp image so I can enjoy the games I am playing. So far I've looked at the BenQ RL2455HM, Asus VG23AH and Asus VG248QE. If you have other suggestions those are welcome too. I am trying to keep it in the $250 ballpark.
Thank you.
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  1. All three look like great choices. The second one is 3D and I'm not sure how important 3D is to you considering the other two are not. Also know that you have to have 3D glasses and GPU which cost more. If your willing to put $300 in, you could get this one with 1920x1200 resolution:
    There is a big difference between 1080 and 1200 and this one would be better.
    If not, then any of your 3 are great choices.
  2. No 3D is not that important at all to me. I looked at the monitor you suggested will it work well for gaming I really do not want to have problems when playing games? Also this is the first computer I am building I have all the other components down and well researched however finding the right monitor is, for some reason, posing complications for me.
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