Is HIS ati hd 6670 iceq 1gb gddr5 or Gigabyte 7750 suitable for my pc

my specs
dual core e5300 2.6
4gb of ram ddr2
mainboard: gigabyte g31-e2sc (pci ex 1.1 ?)
psu: ATX 520w
i'am planning to buy ati 7750 1gb gddr5(no pin connector version) but i realise that 7750 need a pci ex 3.0
one more choice, his ati 6670 1gb gddr5 is much more cheaper and it required only pci ex 2.1
i'm afraid of bottle-neck and wasting the power of 7750
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  1. PCIe is forwards and backwards compatible. Thus it's merely a question of bandwidth/performance.

    Yet cards aren't severely impacted unless you go back to PCIe 1.1 or such.
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