1080p 24" vs 720p 26" all other things equal, for a pc monitor and tv setup.

Hi, I am looking to buy a tv that could double up as a pc monitor.

I am torn between the 1080p 24" Sony KLV24ex430 and the 720p 26" Samsung UA26EH4000

They are similarly priced where I am buying.

Either's better ability as a pc monitor will very likely sway my decision.

To go for the extra 2 inches, or the higher resolution?

Thank you.
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  1. If you're using it for a PC monitor as well than you definitely want the higher resolution. Viewing movies you might not notice a difference, but as a PC screen the extra space on the desktop at 1080 vs 720 is very noticeable. Games will also look much better at 1080.
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