when will a linux arm distro run on an arm computer?

There is arm fedora, arch, debian and all them I do not know about.
How do I determine, that an arm linux distro can be installed on a given arm computer? Is it like i386 linux distros, that you can install the distro, but hardware drivers is another matter? If an arm computer can run android 2 or 4 then you can install linux arm distros? An ex is the jaybook 9905. Thanks.
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  1. Which Arm computer are you looking at and which Linux distros have you considered trying. Linux is Linux and it will work in an Arm based computer but sometimes the installation procedure is different from installing on to an AMD or Intel based machine.

    From what I've read, the Jaybook 9905 isn't a representative sample of - well, just about anything!
  2. Thank you for responding. I saw some low priced arm netbooks, they were android. I do not want to use android, but if a linux distro could be installed, the arm netbook form factor would be an option. I stated the jaybook, because I found some low priced offers. I do not know the computer. I will take recommandations about arm netbooks that are better options. If the price of an arm netbook comes close to an i386 netbook, I may get the i386 instead. I know about ubuntu, but I cannot find out, whether ubuntu has been modified for arm. But an arm linux distro similar to ubuntu should be right. I know how to install ubuntu and windows i386. So what you write, I will look into. I have been told drivers is a major problem about installing arm linux distros.
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