New computer build need your input/advice/opinions!

Hey guy's i'm thinking about rebuilding my system i haven't touched it in almost a year or two so i'm completely out of the loop. The last known setup i have is currently:

CPU: Intel Core i7 965 Extreme Edition
Mobo: MSI Big Bang X-Power
Memory: Kingston HyperX (12-24GB?)
Harddrive: 2 WD Raptors ; 1 Maxtor 500 GB
Monitor: Sony 1080p 32" HDTV
Sound Card: Soundblaster X-Fi
Video Card: N/A

#1: Buy a GTX 780 along with 2 Samsung S27B970D's (is it 2 overkill?) and then just calling it a day? My question is... Should i just stick to using my Sony 32" HDTV? In regards to the video card is there anything else i should be looking at besides the GTX 780?

#2 Upgrade the mobo/cpu and buying a video card and then calling it a day? I've been looking at the Intel core i7 3930k as well as the AMD FX-8350. I know the 3930k absolutely dominates but is pricey and after adding the motherboard it gets even more expensive. Is the AMD FX-8350 even worth it? Do i even need to upgrade my current CPU/Mobo?

I would love to hear your guys's input/advice!
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  1. By my recommendation don't touch your CPU just overclock it to 4ghz or 4.2ghz and it will by as power full as a i7 3770k or FX-8350(But need water cooling and I am talking when others a stock clock) but if you really want to change Intel is the best performance for the $$$$ and AMD is for people with tight budget "they are cheaper"...even now Fx-8350 OC to 5Ghz is faster than a i7-3770k but need high water cooling and its $$$ Again(if changing cpu you need to change the board to ).

    For the memory if gaming 8gb is more than enough anything higher is overkill and for people who do video rendering.

    HDD:1TB or 2Tb is more than enough

    If 2 tv when gaming you will maybe need to sli for this resolution and for its 32 inch

    for the Gpu I think a Gtx 780 is super good and will work for you screen size and resolution

    Here is my setup
    cpu:i7 920 4ghz water cooled
    Gpu:GTX 560 ti sli OC
    TV:30inch 1920x1080p
    motherboard unlocked:tbgm-01 (A shit board XD) Settings For Beginners

    P.S: Have a nice gaming time don't forget to chose my answear if it help -devan
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