Starbucks UK Now Takes Contactless Payments

Now you don't even have to wake up enough to count your change.

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  1. Could someone shed some light on what are contract less payments ?
  2. Rushad, If you misread it I can see how you'd be lost. contact not contract.

    You just hold your debit card (soon some phones) over a reader and it takes your money. You don't have to enter a pin. It only does small amounts. Saves no time as I can type 4 numbers really fast.
  3. As expensive as it cost to live in the UK and the taxes they take out on you working there I bet its $10+ for a large coffee there.This tech sounds like NFC here which hasn't taken off just yet in most places but is included in most smartphones.
  4. In Canada we use this kind of thing already. I swipe my credit card, one second and it is done. My Fiance users an app on her phone (which is prepaid) and holds her screen up to the scanner, one second done.
    When using the chip cards, you have to swipe, wait for it to make contact with the bank (which can be a few seconds or more) then enter your pin, press okay, wait for it to approve and away you go. Swipe is SO much faster !!!
  5. Eh this is news? We've had 'visa paypass' at the shop in my tiny country town in Aus for a while now. Hold the card up for 1 second and your done (on purchases under $100).
  6. Now you can get your bad coffee even faster!

    p.s. same with Aus, New Zealand has had this for a while too. Our limit is $80.
  7. Support the little independent coffee shops. They pay tax.
    Starbucks, your coffee awful and evil.
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