Fractal Design Define R4 Experienses?

So I'm about to build my first custom pc ever and I want to make it really silent. The Define R4 looks really well silenced with all the sound dampening material and that. So anyone has some comparison between the windowed version or the non-windowed --> Is it that much louder WITH the window that you can clearly tell, or not. And for the noise, if u have the stock fans running at normal rpm (I don't know what that is :s) anyways, will you hear it like 10 feet away? I mean that, is it that silent at 10 feet that you can sleep with the pc on ? I just don't wan't to disturb my girlfriend while she tries to sleep :-D
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  1. idle its nearly silent, full gaming load will be louder. depends on components.
  2. 13thmonkey said:
    idle its nearly silent, full gaming load will be louder. depends on components.

    I Think I will go with the amd fx-6300 with the stock heatsink, but later on I'm thinking to upgrade on the noctua nh-d14. A little side question, will my cpu oc to 4ghz or even 4,5 with the noctua? and with those settings can I still use the low noise adapters? And as my video card I will buy the evga gtx 660 superclocked. Or is there a much difference to the asus gtx 660 direct cu II ? It says its 20% cooler and 3x quieter but idk. And my psu will be seasonic M12II 520w. I suppose It's a fairly silent psu, many people say that.
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    personally I'm intel right now. I have a noctua fan on another heatsink, all are controlled by mobo, none use the noise adaptors. In fact i can make it idle quite happily GPU 45C, CPU 35 with no case fans working, or with them at their very lowest, and the CPU fan at idle speeds. (GTX580 + 3570K)

    even though the amd's will run hotter and have a higher tdp, the nh-d14 should have more than enough headroom to cope.

    use the lower drive bay and remove the middle one, then you'll get good flow at low speeds.
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