John McAfee Makes Crazy Video On Removing McAfee

Everyone's favourite eccentric millionaire wants to help you uninstall McAfee.

John McAfee Makes Crazy Video On Removing McAfee : Read more
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  1. Just forwarded to friends..... :)
  2. Hilarious... just hilarious.
  3. 2deep5u
  4. Wasn't he arrested for murder? Or am I mistaken?
  5. O_O
    I love this man. I don't care if he murdered someone anymore, though I strangely now find it entirely plausible, and, indeed, likely.

    Well done, John.
  6. There are no words
  7. LOL!!!!!
  8. I am still pissed on him, I can't remove McAfee off my Windows 95 computer, I haven't been able to dial into CompuServ for 15 years thanks to him.
  9. I love this guy, on my list of nut-job whack-balls in the IT business he is definately in the top 5, alongside Assange, Woz, Ellison and Torvalds - they should form a band, McAfee would be the drummer
  10. Dont' piss on him.
  11. Instead of F5 you should try Alt-F4. It works better
  12. Ahem, what?
  13. wow, i love this guy, he is batshit crazy
  14. and what does this prove???....nothing, absolutely nothing
  15. That dude is off his rocker. Charlie Sheen could learn some stuff from him.
  16. Will he release a video on how to get away with cold blooded murder?
  17. Um...what?
  18. Richard Branson and Mark Cuban have NOTHING on this guy!
  19. I want to see Ballmer doing something like that.
  20. brilliant!
  21. Funniest shit I have seen in quite a while. 2 Thumbs up
  22. This was definitely created by the government. -.-
  23. EPiC!
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