Asus GTX 660 DirectCU II OC 2GB vs EVGA GTX 660 SuperClocked 2GB

So I'm just thinking which one to buy. Asus says that it is 20% cooler and 3x quieter but evga's card definitely gets the style points. So after all they are pretty much the same performance, right? And I'm trying to make my pc very quiet so that's a plus for asus but, I also have a windowed case, so that's a plus for the evga. So after all, I'm just asking for some pros and cons of these two cards, so if there's some feature that would make my mind.
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  1. If it was me, I would go for the EVGA as I much prefer their customer service, they are so friendly and respond within a day! However if you are looking for actual physical features go with the ASUS, it all comes down to one question Performance or Aesthetics? As the Asus runs cooler, you could possibly push the clocks a bit further, but remember, if your case doesn't have sufficient cooling, and you don't have any fans in Pull, it probably won't make a difference. Again, personally I would go with EVGA.
  2. I would go with the asus, better cooling, it has multiple heat pipes, really good over clocking software comes with it, the EVGA has a squirrel cage fan which is not very effective at keeping a low, consistent temperature, and its a closed design meaning there is no air flow and air cannot reach inside the card very well. Asus is an open shroud design so it is always keeping it cooler, so go for the asus, i got it eventually and have no regrets, i made the right choice, and its massive and looks like a beast!!
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