New Build - Need storage advice

I will be taking my current 512GB Samsung SSD out of my current build and putting it into my new build. In my old build, I also had a 1TB drive for storage.

However, I would kind of like to make things more simple... Do I opt for a 1TB Velociraptor and stick to one drive only? I dont really need 1.5TB as in my previous build, so 1TB total would work.

thoughts? ideas?
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  1. For you, a VelociRaptor would probably be a waste. Buy another 500GB SSD and try RAID. Complicated to set up but very simple to use. Or buy a WD Black 1TB, and use 32GB of the SSD for caching, and use the rest for something else.
  2. Since you already have the 1tb you might as well keep using it. The extra $100 can be put towards a better GPU, backup solution, or something.
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