strange graphics, is this normal?

So I'm getting weird flickering on some lighting/objects on Planetside 2 and a few other games. I've tried it with two different video cards, and it does it on both. Is this a normal thing? Is there any settings tweaks I can mess with to alleviate the problem a bit? Could any other hardware in the system be at fault?

Here's a short video that hopefully gives a better idea of what I'm talking about. Look at the building I'm zoomed in on. You can see some of the small white lights flickering.
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  1. Your video on YouTube is marked "Private" therefore nobody can view it.

    If you have the same problem with more than one video card and multiple games I'd recommend you uninstall your drivers.

    Update DirectX to the latest version. Download and install the latest drivers for your video card. Check your CPU & GPU temperatures to make sure you're not overheating. Start with those things.
  2. oops, changed video to public now!

    also, no overheating happening. directx and video card drivers are all up to latest versions!
  3. I'm not seeing any graphical errors on that video. The tiny slivers of white you're seeing are common to games like that. They are flaws in the seams on the renderings of images. The map developer for the game didn't apparently do their job well enough. ;)

    I see nothing there that signifies a GPU problem.
  4. Ok thank you! I did have a feeling it was just me being picky, I'm happy to know that that is a regular thing haha
  5. One more question as well, regarding this video.

    Look at the weapon. All the way long the top of it, and all around the scope, it's like its flickering black as it moves. Is that also a regular thing?
  6. What you're seeing is aliasing. Computers have a hard time drawing straight lines that move (or change angle/position) since they are drawn using little triangles. You may want to go into your graphic settings and activate (or increase) the "Anti-Aliasing" setting within the game itself. That will reduce what you're seeing there.

    Some games, like Planetside 2 for example, don't have amazing graphic engines and are more prone to the things you've pointed out in your videos.

    EDIT: Keep in mind the higher your AA (Anti-Aliasing) setting is the lower your performance will be. It becomes more demanding of your video card the higher the setting. So if you increase the setting and notice the game doesn't run as well then reduce the setting again.

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