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So... I'm currently on the market for a new LGA 775 motherboard for my Q9400. As crazy as it sounds, I'm actually looking for a new motherboard for this machine in 2013...

The main reason I want to upgrade is because my current motherboard won't let me overclock at all (Asus IPIBL-LB), and I'm looking for a little fps boost in CPU intensive tittles such as Crysis 3, Supreme Commander, GTA IV, ARMA II, Far Cry 3.... The other reason is because of DDR3 support.

Why don't I just sell all parts and make myself a new and modern LGA 1150/1155 machine? Well... That Q9400 is still quite powerful. And then, there's the budget issue obviously. :P

That's also why I've been reluctant on spending money in this aging build, but today I found these two motherboards that were cheap enough and meet all my requirements and to justify the small upgrade.

- Asus P5KC


- Gigabyte GA-EP45C-DS3

Which one should I get? The Gigabyte one is a tad (5€) more expensive. About the Asus board, I've seen so much contradiction about it. The vendors page states that it is a P35 chipset. Asus page states this is a G33 chipset and some forums also mention it is a P35 chipset... Why would Asus advertise the board as G33? Can someone clarify this for me please?

Also if you believe there is another board that meets my requirements, feel free to suggest it.

It MUST have DDR3 and OCing support. Probably would be a good idea if it is either a P35 or P45 chipset, and it shouldn't be too expensive, or otherwise, the costs would not justify the upgrade (thus taking all X38 and X48 boards out of my price range).

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  1. Yes... The choices are slim pretty much everywhere, although Newegg doesn't ship to where I live so, I'll be getting the mobos probably from ebay...
    Anyway could someone explain to me the differences between the two mobos I've posted earlier?
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