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Hey guys, I'm looking at purchasing a new monitor for my pc, it needs to be optimized for gaming and i'm hoping for a price under $200. Do you recommend LED or LCD? I was looking at the ASUS VX238H listed below, but i'm looking for some insight into other monitors too! What do you think?
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  1. LED and LCD mean entirely different things.

    LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a technology that is used for pretty much every display you see around you except for the very old CRT monitors and Plasma TV's. So any monitor your going to be looking at is LCD.
    LED (Light Emitting Diode) refers to the light behind the LCD panel, and its main counterpart is CFL. Generally you want to go LED.

    Have a read through the monitor guide linked in my sig.

    Iv personally been looking at this monitor to get, plan to get three of them in an Eyefinity setup eventually.
  2. That guide is very good! As you have said, it's very good for somebody who is completely new to monitors (myself), but I see the value in ssdx's guide for others also. keep up the awesome work!

    I have some queries though,
    -What is the value of high contrast ratio? I see the monitor you have suggested features only a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio while my monitor features an 80,000,000:1 ratio? Is this difference noticeable/significant?
    -Also, your monitor also has only a 5ms refresh rate while mine has a 1ms response time. Is this difference even noticeable to the human eye or does it actually hold significant value?
    -Could you also brief me on what ips is? I notice that some monitors feature ips, e-ips and ah-ips while others do not?
  3. 1. The contrast refers to the difference between black and white, the higher the contrast ratio the greater the difference. I guess you could say that the whites are whiter and the blacks are blacker.
    In terms of whether it actually makes a difference I cant say. I pretty much have been using the one monitor for a couple of years, so on a subjective level im not too sure.

    2. Unless your really sensitive to it, you wont notice a difference between 1 and 5ms of response time.

    3. IPS is a broader panel type, with individual panels. In terms of that, you might want to ask ssddx as he is more into the exact details.
  4. So, more to the point:
    Can somebody give me some options for cheap monitors under $200 mainly for FPS gaming? Is the monitor I suggested suitable?
    I also found the BenQ RL2450H -

    It is the same price as my previously suggested monitor but has been marketed towards gamers? Not sure if it's actually BETTER for gaming or if it's marketing is just designed to lure unsuspecting gamers towards their product, being endorsed by Star Craft II pro's....
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