Memtest86+ 5.0 RC restarts during test and memtest unexpected result halted

I recently changed my cpu and mobo to i7 3770K and a msi z77a-G45 and i am having some issues, i would get bsod every now and then. And when i run memtest it will restart and never finish. The older stable version of memtest will refuse to get passed. I have 3 sticks of ram, 2 are from my old system running in dual channel and work well. The cpu has been stress tested in OCCT. Now I can only narrow it down to the motherboard or my OS is faulty and may need a reinstall. Any help would be great.

Every time i disable Legacy USB in the bios it would always get re enabled
Thanks everyone.
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  1. Run each stick individually, guessing at least 1 is bad - don't need a full blown run, 4-5 passes on each stick should suffice
  2. Yeah i tried that, the problem is that when i do a run it just unexpectedly halts, on all the rams i have. These RAMs ran well in my other system with no Errors
  3. Then I think you may have a problem with mobo or CPU, might pull CPU and check for debris on bottom of CPU or in socket, and in particular look for bent/broken pins
  4. I'm having some of these same issues..not with the same mobo or proc tho. But from what i've read. This can be anything....RAM,MOBO,Graphics card and or PSU. So what im doing when i get home tonight is. Pull out my video card first...and rehook a monitor to the onboard video. to make sure my psu isnt underpowered and its shutting down because of that. Next ima take each stick out on at a time. And if that doesnt work then we're looking at most likely a mobo problem. From what ive read the.... Memory Management Unit can go bad..causing this problem.

    Did you ever figure out what the problem was?
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