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I'm getting tired of seeing my lovely setup ruined by this big old black case next to my unit. So I'm thinking of turning one of my half used shelves into a pc case. I have a m8 that's a carpenter of 15+ years and he said its doable, are there any things I have to aware of other than, making sure the wood is treated, good ventilation, condensation prevention. I have been googling building a case from scratch and it just seems to be the same Thule of thumb as building a pc, just without the boundaries, is that the "case" or is there anything I should be weary of?
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  1. Might want to think of putting an filter over the fan slots. Just so that alot of dust doesn't trap in the tower.
  2. Already gota that "covered" lol I'm on a roll
  3. Lol right on, PM me when you finish it. Id love to see the finished project.
    Also don't forget to put spacing behind the motherboard.
  4. I m measuring out the mounting screws so I can use brass spacers on it. In that case it's on I will post pics when it's done. Oh I'm also putting a vented perspex hard drive shelf in the center. Should be good
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